Friday, February 15, 2013

A new ride & Valentine's Day

I'm still getting used to writing this blog.  Never know what format to write in... Ah well.

We got a nice new (okay... new to us) ride.  It was time to trade Rachel's VW Bug in for a more "family" car.  We got (more appropriately: Rachel got) a VW Jetta Wagon.  

Since she loves to name her cars, here is Betty Blue:

I am now personally kicking myself in the butt for not buying a beautiful Passat from this place when I had the chance but ah well.... live and learn.

It's so nice to have a day off from work!  

I took yesterday afternoon off to surprise my wonderful wife in the afternoon with flowers and chocolates.  I took a nice outfit to work to get spiffy.  

Funny how God has a sense of humour.  Rachel was trying to get the house nice & tidy and had my Valentine on the bar.  She was going to have a "spotlight" on it when I got home at 5.

She was happy to see me but bummed her surprise didn't turn out.  I know she wanted to get ready: so I left for an hour before we left and got the car all nice & shiny.

Last thing of the night: the Valentine's Day meal.  Off to our favorite restaurant hands down.  

We always have fried calamari as an appetizer on Valentine's Day.  We both got a chicken dish & it is the tenderest chicken ever.

For dessert? House special called Italian Twinkies.  It is basically house Italian Bread deep fried, rolled into a log & filled with a buttercream frosting.  Take that & roll it in sugar & cinnamon and sprinkle powdered sugar on top. 

Sorry... no pictures.  We should've taken the picture of this dessert.  Phenomenal.   

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