Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My journey into blogging!

Hello all (if anyone :-))

This is a start to the blog of "On the Road to Damascus".  The name of the blog is derived from scripture about St. Paul on the road to Damascus when Jesus appeared to him in Acts.  Why St. Paul?  A few reasons:

1.) All that he wrote that contributed to the New Testament are some of my favorite books of the Bible (but honestly: are there any bad ones?)
2.) He went from being a man that persecuted the Church, to a man that became an apostle for Christ.  He was personally redeemed by Christ.  Just his complete transformation and piety is quite incredible.
3.) (A minor reason, but still a reason).  My first name is not derived from any name in the Bible: Paul however happens to be my middle name.

Just a brief overview (in blog form), since I've never blogged before and really don't know about what to write...

First: a glimpse into the past two days.  I have once or twice: tried to make dinner for my darling wife.  She far surpasses me in the kitchen but isn't it nice to have a night off?  I tried my hand at cooking again from one of the cookbooks I gave her.

I made a olive/cheese "quickbread" and for the veggies, I cooked some pancetta along with green beans.

The main course was a fun one: chicken cooked together with apples, onions, mushrooms, with heavy cream and... CALVADOS!  First time I ever tried Calvados (strictly for cooking purposes :-))  Mmmmm... that has a good flavor.

I needed to call in her help a little for some things.  I must learn to prep my veggies before starting to cook!

Perhaps if I can get some pictures I will upload them in the next post.

My Family

A picture my sister-in-law took a while back: O God has been so good in my life!  Sometimes I don't feel like I repay him enough.


  1. Welcome to Blogging, Spencer! You're off to a great start.

    1. Thank you Adam (half a month later...)! Still getting used to it all.